Same Community Acupuncture model. Same sliding scale.
Same Phone Number. New Cozy Space! (half a block from the old space.)

buddhaIn these times when the American health care system is simply not accessible to most of us, and a large segment of the population cannot afford health insurance, finding a way to provide our community with high quality, affordable health care is our main goal.

There is no reason why acupuncture should cost a lot of money. No expensive electronic equipment is needed, no state of the art computer systems. Just sterile acupuncture needles and a clinic where we can offer treatment.

We make acupuncture affordable by treating patients simultaneously in a large and very cozy community room, and providing an affordable sliding scale system for payment.

Using this model, we have found a way of practicing our medicine that really works. We are able to do what we love, and our patients are able to make good choices about their health without having to worry about unpleasant financial consequences.

We want our clinic to be open and welcoming to all different kinds of people. We want to help you take care of your own health. We provide a safe and comfortable environment, and skilled, knowledgeable practitioners who believe acupuncture should be simple and effective."

Sliding scale $20 to $40 per treatment, you decide what works for you. An additional $10 administrative fee will be charged on your first visit only.